The Walker Files: His Defense Never Rested

Larry Walker

Larry Walker has never received even 25 percent support in his first seven years on the Hall of Fame ballot. He was, however, one of the most complete players in the game. He had the offensive numbers, but he also had defensive numbers, too. As well as hitting for power and average, and stealing bases, Walker earned seven Gold Gloves for his defensive excellence in right field. Walker is one of only four former players to win seven or more Gold Glove awards while playing right field. The others are Roberto Clemente (12), Dwight Evans (8) and Dave Winfield (7).

Walker’s career fielding percentage of .986 is the fifth highest among all right-fielders no longer active since 1913. The only Hall of Famer ahead of him is Tony Gwynn, who is second at .987. Al Kaline (.985) is seventh on the list among right fielders, Dave Winfield (.984) 10th, Enos Slaughter (.981) 13th, Mel Ott (.980) 14th and Hank aaron (.980) 15th..

Player G Fld Pct
Paul O’Neill 1848 .988
Tony Gwynn 2144 .987
Dwight Evans 2093 .987
Magglio Ordonez 1713 .987
Larry Walker 1717 .986
Shawn Green 1629 .986
Al Kaline 2033 .985
Johnny Callison 1577 .985
Tom Brunansky 1568 .985
Dave Winfield 1882 .984
Jermaine Dye 1671 .982
Bobby Abreu 1990 .982
Enos Slaughter 1540 .981
Mel Ott 2160 .980
Hank Aaron 2174 .980


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