The time I’d like to think I started a tradition in Minnesota

In June of 2010, Colorado played their first ever series at Target Field in Minneapolis against the Twins. Batting eighth in game one of that series was the Rockies Clint Barmes. During one of his three plate appearances he hit a foul ball straight back into the press box.

The ball hit a half wall just a few feet away from me and left a dent in the drywall. Across the press box I could hear a member of the local media say “That’s the first ball that’s ever landed in the press box!” The ballpark had just opened in April of that same year. My mind immediatly flashed back to Milwaukee. Whenever a foul ball would hit a wall in the Brewers press box someone would write the date and the person who hit it next to the damage.

I figured maybe Minnesota should do the same thing. Of course I wasn’t sure that was a road the Twins waned to go down, so rather than ask someone I just decided to force the issue. I just had to wait for the right moment. Back in those days I was hosting the Rockies postgame show so I had to leave the pressbox in the 8th inning to make sure I was near the Rockies dugout when the game ended. I didn’t want to get caught marking up the wall for fear it would be received poorly and my credential would get yanked. Looking back, what would the Twins really care? They were going to have to fix the wall one way or another. But I decided I would wait until after the postgame show and then go back to scene of my intended crime.

When I returned to the pressbox about 40 minutes after the game had finished there were very few people left. Still worried getting caught would mean the loss of my credential I quickly scribbled Barmes’ name and the date next to the dent. I was writing so quick and trying to be so inconspicuous that it looks like a toddler marked the spot. Never the less I was proud of my handy work. When I finished I jammed the marker in my bag and headed for the exit.

Over the next two games of the series I would occasionally look over my shoulder during the game and admire my handy work. On June 17th the Rockies wrapped up the series and we left to return home to Denver. I have never been back to Target Field since but I wonder all the time if I started a tradition. Did media members mark the wall from that day forward? Did they ever mark it? Did the Twins repair person see the damage and just roll their eyes and erase it all with one swipe of a paint brush? I dont know. I’m hoping I’ll  get a call from someone this week with the answer as the Rockies open a three game series with the Twins on Tuesday. Then again, thinking I started something that carries on today may be better than finding out my moment of marker madness is forgetten history.



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