Charlie Blackmon gets it. The Rockies are in a funk. With a 3-0 loss at San Diego on Thursday night they haven’t merely lost four in a row. They have been shutout in back-to-back games. They have gone 19 innings without scoring a run. And the Brewers, a game back, and Cardinals, 1 1/2 games back, are creeping closer to the Rockies in the bid for the second NL Wild-Card slot. Instead of looking over their shoulder, though, the Rockies have to be focused on themselves. If they win no team can catch them. Continue reading “Rockies Challenge Themselves”

Don’t look now. Those aren’t just the Milwaukee Brewers coming up behind the Rockies in the battle for the second NL Wild-Card spot. The Cardinals are back in the midle of thinks thanks to a three-game winning streak at the same time the Rockies have lost four in a row, being shutout in the last two games. Their lead over the Brewers is one game and two games over the Cardinals. Continue reading “Magic Numbers: Rockies Watch Wild-Card Tighten Up”