By Jack Etkin

The Rockies are adding a second team this season in the Dominican Summer League, an investment in player development at the lowest level of their farm system that could result in more Latin players reaching the majors. Rolando Fernandez, the Rockies’ vice president of international scouting and player development, said the Rockies have been signing more Latin players, “and we need a place for them to play. If they don’t play, they’re not going to get better.” Continue reading “Rockies Double Down in Dominican Summer League”

Doug Harvey

The respect of Doug Harvey as an umpire is underscored by the fact he earned the nickname God, and nobody questioned it.

It wasn’t that he never made a mistake. But they were few and far between and when he did make one he learned from it. Harvey, who died at a Visalia, Calif., hospice at the age of 87 on Saturday night, earned  a reputation for the meticulous manner in which he made a call, and he would explain over the years that it went back to 1962, his rookie season in the National League. Continue reading “RIP Doug Harvey, a Baseball God”