The Rockies will visit Chase Field in their win-or-go-home NL Wild-Card matchup with the D-Backs. Good news or bad? Well, history said the visiting team does just fine in the Wild-Card Game, which was introducted in 2012. The Yankees, on Tuesday night, became only the fourth home team in 11 Wild-Card games to win. And there has only been one home team in the five previous NL Wild-Card games to win — the 2013 Pirates. Continue reading “Quick Hits: Home on the Road”

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John Schuerholz

Hall of Fame executive John Schuerholz never hesitated to emphasize success wasn’t tied to a 25-man roster. The man who was a part of a Royals franchise that made seven post-season appearances in a 10-year span including a world championship in 1985, and then oversaw a Braves franchise that finished in first place a professional sports record 14 consecutive seasons knew it went deeper than that.

He knew that along the way there were be key injuries and a franchise had to have depth to plug the holes during the grind of a 162-game regular season schedule.

The 2017 Rockies are living proof. They play the D-Backs in the NL Wild-Card game on Wednesday in Phoenix despite a flurry of injuries that seemed overwhelming on Opening Day but underscored the depth of the organization by season’s end. Continue reading “Rockies 2017: Farm System to the Rescue”

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