Koufax, Drysdale, and the Holdout

In 1965 the Dodgers had a stellar one-two punch in Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale.  Koufax threw 27 complete games in route to a 26-8 record which lead to his second Cy Young in three years. His salary that year? $85,000. No, I didn’t forget to add any zero’s. Don Drysdale went 23-12 that year and finished 5th in the MVP voting. What did he end up earning? Five-thousand less than Koufax. Oh, and he also batted .300 and hit 7 homeruns.

So in 1966 the two decided to change how negotiations were handled and in doing so, changed baseball forever.


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Why is a Baseball Game 9 Innings?

Friday downtown Denver will be loaded with Rockies fans for the teams home opener. As LoDo takes on a Mardi Gras feel there is a chance for you to up your game with a little hardball knowledge that many folks don’t know. Like, why is a game 9 innings? Why are batters given 4 balls and 3 strikes? How did home plate get it’s shape? Please use this knowledge sparingly. You don’t want to be the know it all that your friends leave behind at the end of the day.

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I almost started a gang in Milwaukee

Yeah, that’s right. I almost started a motorcycle gang in Milwaukee. That is if you can call two people a gang. Milwaukee is home to the Harley Davidson Museum. When I worked on the Rockies television broadcast I used to have a segment called Tom on the Town. It usually involved me dragging my producer Tavis Strand around to different locations and forcing him to do things he really didn’t want to do. Joining my gang in Milwaukee is one of those examples. So in honor of the Rockies playing in Milwaukee, I thought I’d take you on a little walk down memory lane.

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