LaTroy Hawkins

LaTroy Hawkins grew up in the shadow of the steel mills of Gary, Ind., a strong-willed grandfather the foundation that Hawkins was able to build upon. A man who taught Hawkins that the value in life is to face the challenges and overcome them, not drown yourself in self-pity. Having passed on a basketball scholarship to Indiana State to sign with the Twins out of high school, Hawkins will tell the story of being sent back to rookie ball his second year with Minnesota and calling his grandfather to tell him of the decision.

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Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is the most dominate pitcher of this era. There is, however, a blot on his resume, and given the competitor Kershaw is it has to eat at him. He has the eighth lowest ERA of any pitcher in the history of MLB, which was formed in 1901, and the lowest of any pitcher who made his MLB debut since 1910. The post season, though, has been a struggle. He goes into Thursday night’s start against at Wrigley Field with a 4.57 ERA in his post-season career. Continue reading “NLCS: Kershaw Gets Chance To Wrap Up NL Title”

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