5 Quick Hits: Blackmon In Good Company and more

Charlie Blackmon has reached an elite level in his offensive efforts before the All-Star Break. … Rockies pitching hit the All-Star Break with an impressive resume. … Mets’ pitching staff has stumbled. … Rockies looking to build off last year’s success at Citi Field and Rockies on the offensive.

Charlie Blackmon

— Charlie Blackmon is fresh off his first start in an All-Star Game after a first half that has been one of the more impressive in baseball history. With 72 runs scored and 10 triples he became only the fifth player to score 70 runs and have 10 triples prior to the All-Star Game, which began in 1933.

Player Team Season Runs Triples
Charlie Blackmon Rockies 2017 72 10
Jimmy Rollins Phillies 2007 71 10
Jose Reyes Mets 2006 75 12
Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox 2003 73 12
Rod Carew Twins 1977 70 14

–The Mets went into the All-Star Break with a 4.94 ERA, up 1.55 from a year ago, which is the third biggest increase in ERA from All-Star Break to All-Star Break. The Giants increased 1.70 from 1969 to 1970 and the Braves had a 1.57 increase from 1989 to 19990.

–Rockies pitcher had an impressive first-half. The team’s 52 victories and .571 winning percentage is the best ever at the break. The .256 average allowed is second best to the .255 average allowed in 2010. The 7.93 strikeouts per nine innings is the best ratio in franchise history. The 4.45 ERA ranks sixth best for a Rockies staff.

Citi Field

–The Rockies did sweep three games at Citi Field last year, but it’s the only victories for the Rockies at Citi Field in the past four seasons. Not only are they 3-11 when visiting the Mets but they were outscored by 29-50.



Coors Field

–The Rockies 10-0 victory against the White Sox last Sunday at Coors Field was the 13th time this season the Rockies have scored 10 or more runs in a game. That’s second best in the NL to the Nationals, who have scored 10 or more in a game 15 times.

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