The Walker Files: Impressive Results on Road

Larry Walker

Larry Walker, in his eighth year on the Hall of Fame Ballot and still looking for 25 percent of the vote in an election much less enshrinement, is down played by some because he spent nearly 10 seasons with the Rockies, playing home games at Coors Field. But did you know, among players who were active in the NL during the same period in which Walker was (Opening Day 1995-Aug. 5, 2006) Walker had the seventh highest road OPS?

Road OPS leaders among NL Players who were active at same time Walker was with the Rockies:

Player Team OPS
Barry Bonds SF 1.103
Albert Pujols StL 1.019
Lance Berkman Hou .972
Sammy Sosa ChC .938
Todd Helton Col .919
Bobby Abreu Hou-Phi .9
Larry Walker Col .899

Sources: Stats Inc.

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