Black Looks to Enjoy The Final Weekend This time

Bud Black – now

Rockies manager Bud Black has been down this road before. It’s the final weekend of the season. There is a post-season invitation waiting. And his team controls its post-season destiny. Black would like to see the similarity between the Padres team he was managing in 2007, and the Rockies team he is managing now end right there.

“That was my first year managing,” Black said.

It wasn’t, however, his first season-ending disappointment.

And it wasn’t the first time the Rockies provided the disappointment.

Black was a member of the 1993 Giants — although he finished the season on the disabled list — who won 10 of their final 12 regular-season games to finish with a 103-59 record, and wound up in second place when the Braves swept the expansion Rockies in a three-game series to finish the regular season.

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