Post-Season Update: Twins, Cubs Clinch; Rockies On Verge

The Rockies already have fireworks scheduled for the post-game on Friday. It could become an even bigger celebration. With both the Brewers and Cardinals losing on Wednesday, the Rockies could well be celebrating the wild-card by the end of Friday night. The Rockies Magic No. is 2 to clinch the wild card (combination of Rockies wins and Brewers losses) and one for the Cardinals, who were the opponent on Wednesday night when the Cubs clinched the NL East.

Both the Cardinals and Brewers play Thursday, which means the Cardinals would be eliminated with a loss in their series finale against a Cubs team that will probably not be at full force after celebrating the victory on Wednesday.

The Cubs clinching leaves the AL East as the only division title still to be decided, and both the Red Sox, who lead the division, and the Yankees, who are in second place, have clinched a post-season spot. To the loser goes the No. 1 seed for the AL Wild-Card.

And the Twins, sitting in the clubhouse in Cleveland after a 4-2 loss to the Indians on Wednesday night wound up in a celebration when the White Sox rallied to beat the Angles 6-4 in 10 innings, eliminating the Angels, the last team that technically had a chance to catch the Twins.

That leaves the NL Wild-Card and AL East title as the only two races waiting to be decided.

MLB’s Post-Season Situations


NL East: Nationals

NL Central: Cubs

NL West: Dodgers

AL Central: Indians

AL West: Astros

AL Wild-Card:  Twins and Yankees or Red Sox


NL Wild-Card

The Rockies are off on Thursday and then host the NL West champion Dodgers for the three games to wrap up the season. They could clinch without any help. At the most they would have to win two games, but then before Friday’s game against the Dodgers is even over the Rockies could clinch, if the Cardinals and Brewers both lost their games today, and then the Cardinals won on Friday night the second wild-card would belong to the Rockies no matter what happens against the Dodgers.

Team W L Pct GB  Last 10 Magic #
y-D-Backs 92 67 .579  5 – 5
Rockies 86 73 .541  4 – 6
Brewers 83 75 .525 3  5 – 5 2
Cardinals 82 76 .519 4  5 – 5 1

Wednesday’s Results

Rockies 15, Marlins 9

Cubs 5, Cardinals 1

Reds 6, Brewers 0

Remaining Schedules

Rockies Brewers Cardinals
Thur Off vs. Reds vs.  Cubs
Fri vs. Dodgers at Cards vs. Brewers
Sat vs. Dodgers at Cards vs. Brewers
Sun vs. Dodgers at Cards vs. Brewers

AL East

The Red Sox could clinch today if they open their four-game series against the Astros with a victory or if the Yankees lose their series finale against the Rays. The Astros have clinched the AL West, but they do having something to play for — home field edge throughout the AL playoffs. The Indians have a one-game edge on the Astros, but in reality the Astros are two games back because the Indians won five of six meetings between the two teams so the Indians have the tiebreaker.

Team W L Pct GB   Streak Magic #
y-Red Sox 92 66 .582  7 – 3 Won 1
y-Yankees 89 69 .563 3  7 – 3 Won 3 2

Wednesday’s Results

Yankees 6, Rays 1

Red Sox 10, Jays 7

Remaining Schedules

Red Sox Yankees
Thur vs. Astros vs. Rays
Fri vs. Astros vs. Jays
Sat vs. Astros vs. Jays
Sun vs. Astros vs. Jays



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